In the specific architectural programming field of project management support, YAMEO is passionate about preparing the best possible project scope which is streamlined, forward plans for usage, promotes technical and environmental efficiency and enhances the value of the property.

Here are the services we can offer you:


Feasibility, functional simulation, financial estimate and advance planning


Detailed architectural, technical and environmental planning studies


Support in selection of designers


Support with project development in the design phase


Training and second opinion

Project Management Support/ Program of needs

What is the best way to move forward in this complex but exciting task ?


Faced with constantly changing requirements, architectural projects can change quickly:

functional, usage, technical and environmental specifications, comfort standards, cost control, regulatory constraints, security of people and property, integration of digital technology and management of identity and image... all this requires a project scope which anticipates problems, is expert, appropriate and accurate.


The definition of a property project is achieved with architectural planning by the program of needs.

This enables the definition of all the expectations for the project but also management of the identifiable risks linked not only to the implementation of the architectural project but also to the operation and use of the building.


YAMEO mainly provides services for architectural projects with high functionnal or technical add-value or with singular specifications.


Preliminary studies, master plan

YAMEO aims high

Advising on the correct requirements - YAMEO works to initiate and formalise property strategies which involve significant financial investment. These investments, sometimes coming from public funds, must be rigorously budgeted and address a fair, verified and appropriate need. A constant process of optimisation, resource pooling, and anticipation of changing requirements, technologies and regulations should permeate each planning stage and must be developed in a consistent way,

• Integration of new uses - the evolution of workspace practices, often as a result of digital innovation, is changing our relationship to use of space. Technology now allows for a massive shift of data and information to the cloud. The significant reduction in accessing and exchanging information through the physical transfer of people and media is profoundly changing the concept of physical space usage,

Taking up the challenge of limiting carbon emissions - starting from the upstream phases of the development of an architectural project, raising awareness and implementing constructive technological or organisational recommendations, can have a significant positive impact on the environment,

Avoiding “hyper-specialisation” and ensuring scalability of the organisation of space and technologies to allow the building to be able to evolve in the future, or even adapt to new uses.

As well as contributing methodology and know-how, YAMEO sets great store by the quality of the relationship it establishes with its partners and customers:

  • YAMEO positions itself as a project “champion”, defending the interests of the project owner in all its actions and offering a proven work methodology that enables efficient organisation of research, consultation and carrying out of studies in line with the strategic guidelines of the client institution. YAMEO forward plans the rollout of the project and informs the project owner of all risk points and possible solutions to resolve them.

  • The implementation of sympathetic human communication, attentive to the particular requirements of each of the professions involved and the related use of space, allows for constructive communication with project owners, investors, users, managers, politicians... This mode of communication is not incompatible with the possibility of raising an opinion or a way of doing things that is different or even opposed to the one expected.

  • A positive and calm state of mind with a team spirit creates a reassuring atmosphere conducive to direct communication minimising the risk of things left unsaid.


When you are in charge of the scope and launch of a building project...

You start out with a blank slate…

YAMEO is a Project Management Support company specialising in architectural programming

YAMEO aims high: over and above the focus on a professional approach, YAMEO strives to set up a useful, practical, rewarding and scalable architecture based on the following concepts: