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YAMEO already has a number of references, particularly in health, laboratories and higher education.

Background of the founder

With more than 20 years of experience in project management support (AMO) in the management of projects and companies on a national and international level, Michel Benoist-Gironière created YAMEO to provide project owners with reliable and informed advice, supported by innovative digital tools.

Multi-disciplinary professional training: Architect (DPLG), Urban Planner (professional Masters) and a qualification in economics and business management.

Continuing professional development in various fields such as environment, project economics, project management and project management administration.

20 years' experience of consulting in the field of project management support, representing nearly 2,500,000 m² of construction planned and over 150 completed assignments.


Main references:

  • Higher education facilities : universities (Lille, Strasbourg, Paris, Versailles, Liège, Nantes, Marseille, Bordeaux, Reims, Liège...) and top selective colleges (Ecole Polytechnique, ENSAM ...)
  • Research laboratories and platforms (CNRS, INRA, INSERM, ANSES, Police Scientific division, DGA, Naval Group ...) with high performance levels such as L3, A3, cyclotron...
  • Hospitals and clinics (AP-HP, St Pierre, St Paul and St Denis de la Réunion, Lens, St Malo, Pau, Sète, Dieppe, Strasbourg, Tours, Laval, Orléans, Bassin de Thau, KORIAN, HUMANIS...),
  • Seaports (Dunkirk, Cayenne...),
  • Logistic spaces: food production kitchens, waste treatment centres, transport logistics centres (Air France Orly, SYTRAL Lyon, SEMITAN Nantes, etc.)
  • Service industry spaces: PSA/Citroën (Head Office), European Space Agency / ESA (Head Office), Local government head offices (Prefectures, Regions, Departments) and offices, etc.
  • Security premises: police stations, detention centres (APIJ, DISP, Ministry of Justice...)

YAMEO's references

Michel Benoist-Gironière


Feasibility, functional simulation, financial estimates and advance program of needs


Detailed architectural, technical and environmental planning studies


Support in choosing the designer


Support for project development in the design phase


Professional training and second opinion


Preliminary studies, master plan

This step enables the implementation of a development / investment strategy typically over a long-term period (duration varying according to the obsolescence of the type of activity).
Taking into account the development of the activity to be carried out at the property being studied, a projection of all the likely developments and aims is carried out, resulting in the implementation, over time, of an impact study and a projection of investment, operations and construction and/or renovation requirements.

This step requires a designer's expertise and enables confirmation of the feasibility of integrating requirements or aims into an architectural plan. Based on a pre-defined set of expectations, we produce a projection of the functional, spatial, environmental and technical aspects. YAMEO also has high-performance software to check the project's functionality.

For more details:


This phase is also used to define the possibilities of a project, providing real support for political and strategic communications.

This stage specifies the expectations and performance of the project in greater technical depth, and is intended to produce a document similar to a set of specifications that the designer will be obliged to honour and will be tasked with implementing in the most optimal way in the architectural proposal.


It also sets out the project owner's aims with regard to the environmental aspects of the project.

The provision of this support to the project owner enables identification of the reasons and factors necessary for an objective choice of designer.

YAMEO's neutrality and total independence from the world of design and construction allows it to present fair and realistic analyses that will enable decision-makers to make a fair and informed choice.

YAMEO has a very good knowledge of public procurement.

The initial plans, which structure the architectural planning, require special attention, as during the early stages of this phase, adaptations and modifications can still be included.

This phase is also an important phase with regard to managing the project budget.

At the advanced design stage, especially in the “pro” (project) phase, every graphic or descriptive detail must be considered and adjusted with the utmost care.

Training: YAMEO provides training to decision-makers in charge of property projects, both public and private. The training sessions are evaluated at the end of the session meaning we can adapt them on an ongoing basis.

2nd opinion: YAMEO also offers a “second opinion” approach to ensure that sponsors have a unified and double-checked vision of their choices, by carrying out a reanalysis. Some architectural projects require substantial financial investments, a high level of technical innovations or scale that may determine the quality of the activity carried out therein; any deviation or misinterpretation could compromise a project.

Building Information Modelling

“BIM ready” ...


BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a working method and a tool for sharing crucial data in a property project throughout its design, construction and operation process. BIM enables early analysis, monitoring and 3D visualisation of the project, thus limiting the risk of error.

YAMEO is certified to OPQTECC BIM - IFC standard.

YAMEO can include the pre-BIM planning factors in its approach, and identify BIM Manager partners to facilitate the BIM development of a project that will enable:

  • Enhanced precision in the project definition
  • Improvements in the way of representing the project (especially in 3D)
  • Limit amount of repeat interactions required
  • Easier sharing of information
  • Better use of time
  • Secure calls for tenders
  • Easier simulation of scenarios
  • Smoother data sharing
YAMEO's references