“Spatial planning trends, trends over 20 years” ...


During its first year of operation, YAMEO devoted half of its time to researching and identifying solutions that would improve architectural planning workflow (literature, research by sector, innovative tools, technology transfer, individual training, trade shows...). From this period and the time spent on this subject on a daily basis, YAMEO developed a range of specific methods, predictive tools, data and means of presentation that we can now make available to our clients.


During this research, YAMEO looked at the evolution of spatial planning and has been able to identify, by major sectors of activity, the main trends over the next 20 years.

This approach is all the more essential as the implementation of a property project can take a considerable amount of time (sometimes several years between definition and delivery) and it can happen that the project, on delivery, no longer completely meets the initial requirements. This approach therefore makes it possible to define, well in advance and with greater precision, the likely development of the project to be planned, taking into account specific features of its activity, the resources and aims of the project owner.

The quality

YAMEO has methods and documentation to support our constant goal of proposing quality management approaches and principles for the projects we work on. To support this, we have developed various systems:


  • Implementation of a set of internal procedures in different organisation fields that enable and guarantee the proper management of project data but also the smooth running of the projects entrusted to us,
  • Obtained OPQTECC certification in December 2019. This organisation, which complies with COFRAC rules, specialises in particular in qualifications for planners, construction economists and project management support,
  • Obtained full range of performance certifications delivered by the contracting authorities at the end of projects. These are accompanied by a document identifying the feedback from the project.

Research and


“Functional Performance Evaluation” ...


YAMEO has uses high-performance flow simulation and analysis software to identify on plan (existing or virtual) and therefore in advance of the construction phase, the potential pinch points and dysfunctional elements of a facility.


This tool provides clear, unforeseen proof of any unsuitable architectural configuration and, above all, ensures the future smooth running of the project.


Innovative spatial


“Anticipate and define without designing” ...


Certain phases of a project call for decision making that requires particular care and a full understanding of the functional issues. The successful completion of this step influences the quality of the proposed scenarios and the decision taken as a result.

As a result, YAMEO has to lay out comprehensive design rules taking into consideration all functional, technical and environmental expectations without, however, prejudging the design concept. This requires a clear representation of the requirements and possibilities for adaptation.

To facilitate a good understanding of the issues identified, YAMEO has developed the use of innovative communication methods for the functional or spatial aspects of projects, making them very easy to interpret, in particular for highly complex projects.

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